Hi, I’m Angela. I’m a German journalist and am the deputy head of social media and audience development at DER SPIEGEL in Hamburg.

Before joining DER SPIEGEL as a tech editor in 2016, I’ve been living in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as  a scholar for the prestigious „trialog of cultures“ scholarship of the German Quandt foundation. I was working as a freelance reporter and contributed to the English-langugage blog +972mag as an intern.

Most of the stuff I cover has something to do with the internet, one way or the other.

I went to the „Deutsche Journalistenschule“ which is a pretty cool journalism school in Munich. I also earned a masters’s degree in journalism while pursuing my journalistic education there. Before that, I graduated from the University of Munich. I did a semester abroad in the US and participated in the Washington Semester Program of American University in Washington, DC. While living in Washington, I worked part-time for the World Affairs Journal as an intern.

In Germany, besides working as a freelancer for different newspapers, magazines, and online media, I also did a bunch of internships, for instance at a national news agency (dpa), sueddeutsche.de, zeit.de, German parliament, public service broadcaster ZDF, etc.

If you want reach out, feel free to contact me at: mail [at] netzkolumnistin [dot] de – or visit my twitter profile, @netzkolumnistin.